What is a garbage pipe? What's the use of garbage pipes?

What is a garbage pipe?
Garbage pipes are 304 stainless steel pipes installed inside or outside the building.

What's the use of garbage pipes?
After the installation of garbage pipes in high-rise buildings, people can directly deliver domestic garbage from upstairs to the pipes, and from the pipes to the garbage collection room. It is conducive to building energy conservation and time saving, reducing bacteria breeding, and improving environmental health.

Especially in hospitals, the current situation of the hospital is that elevator resources are tight, and the transportation of domestic garbage takes up elevator resources, takes a long time, goes upstairs and downstairs, and is inefficient.
Which buildings can be installed with garbage pipes?
It mainly includes hospitals, hotels, residences, apartments, office buildings, etc.

At what stage are garbage pipes installed?
The garbage pipeline is generally installed after the main body is completed and before the decoration is completed. Of course, it is OK after the decoration is completed, but there will be noise during the construction. You need to remove the wall to leave a hole, and then build the wall after installation.
Garbage wells need to be reserved in the early design. If there is no design, you need to find a new location. If there is no suitable location, it can be installed outside the building, similar to the elevator.
Garbage pipeline and inlet
Garbage pipeline installation
garbage pipeline production
garbage pipeline production
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