What's wrong with the garbage compression equipment overheating

The birth of garbage compression equipment is necessary. With the acceleration of urbanization infrastructure projects, our daily heart to heart talks have led to many kinds of garbage. However, if this kind of garbage cannot be handled properly, it will also threaten the growth environment. Everyone is looking for a better and better living ecological environment. However, there are certain difficulties in the classified collection and storage of many daily garbage, Therefore, the use of garbage compression equipment can integrate collection, transportation and treatment, which can solve the problem of unscientific garbage classification collection and transportation. What is the overheating of garbage compression equipment? We analyze from three aspects:
1、 The refrigeration compressor is overloaded and operates under overvoltage. The possible factors are: too high cooling environment temperature, too much refrigerant, or non condensation of vapor in the refrigeration unit, resulting in large load of the refrigeration compressor, which is specifically manifested as overvoltage, and with the high voltage problem.
2、 Electrical equipment problems cause the refrigeration compressor of the cryogenic refrigerator to operate under overvoltage. For example, the voltage of three-phase power supply is low or the three-phase is unbalanced, resulting in unstable current or a phase current; The AC and AC DC contactors are damaged, and the contact surfaces are ablated, resulting in unstable touch current or current instability due to phase failure.
3、 The over temperature maintenance controller of the low temperature refrigerator is wet and damaged or the relay is damaged, and the contact surface is poor. The specific performance is that the over temperature problem occurs during operation, and the refrigeration compressor cannot operate. If the electronic board of the control module has problems or communication problems, it may also falsely report the over temperature problem.

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