Medical waste pipeline logistics system

Composition of medical waste pipeline logistics system
Medical waste pipeline, medical waste input door, medical waste transfer box, ultraviolet disinfection system, horizontal transmission equipment and electrical control system.

Functional advantages of medical waste pipeline logistics system
1. Reduce the risk of infection and loss of medical waste
The adoption of medical waste pipeline logistics system reduces the risk of medical waste infection; Especially in the current era of COVID-19 epidemic, reduce the risk of elevator infection; The separation of patients and medical waste is realized.
2. Improve the medical environment
The transportation vehicles/barrels are not allowed to pass through the floor and the hospital area, and the concealed transportation through the pipeline and the basement can improve the overall working environment of the doctors and patients and improve their sense of cleanliness and comfort.
3. Release the transportation capacity of the sewage ladder
For high-rise buildings, the freight elevator will no longer transport medical waste, which is equivalent to increasing the number of vertical elevators and shortening the time for people to go upstairs and downstairs. The medical waste generated on each floor can be put into the system at the same time, and multiple boxes of medical waste can also be put into a single floor. A professional collector can complete the transportation of medical waste on all floors by simply starting the system in the basement.
4. Release labor force and reduce the number of personnel
With the arrival of China's aging population, the labor force for sewage transportation is gradually in shortage. The transportation of medical waste, the annual physical examination required by the state and the improvement of the degree of specialization will restrict the traditional and backward transportation methods. The adoption of scientific and efficient logistics system has become an inevitable trend in hospital construction.

Functions of medical waste pipeline logistics system
1. Medical waste pipeline:
1 m reserved × The frame is installed in the 1m tube well, made of Q235, national standard profile, and welded and bolted; A guide rail is arranged inside the pipe; The main motor drive is installed on the top of the pipe.
2. Introduction to medical waste:
The access door system is equipped with a card reading authentication interlock control system to strictly control the opening and closing actions of each access door; An airtight rubber pad is set in the input door, which is tightly combined when the input door is closed; An infrared foreign matter probe is set above the input port. When foreign matters are detected, an alarm is given to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
3. External disinfection system:
TUV ultraviolet disinfection lamp with short wave UV radiation and a peak value of 253.7 nm (UVC) is set inside the pipe for disinfection. The layer inside the lamp keeps constant UV output, with a service life of 18000 hours, high reliability and no ozone generation.
4. Horizontal transmission equipment:
The medical waste transfer box in the pipeline is connected and transferred by roller, which is mainly composed of transfer roller, frame, support, drive device, etc.
5. Medical waste transfer box:
Standard yellow medical waste transfer box is used, with volume of 50L and size of 600 × four hundred × 330。
6. Electrical control system:
The main control system is composed of PLC programmable logic controller, LCD touch screen, frequency converter and other electrical components;
Access control system: smart card swiping authentication system, LCD touch screen.
Introduction to medical waste investment

Medical waste pipeline control system