Talking about how to deal with restaurant kitchen garbage

Hotel garbage directly affects the environment of the restaurant. Its nature has a high moisture content, accounting for 80-90% of the total weight of garbage. This poses a problem for garbage collection and transportation, and the content of organic matter is high. Under high temperature conditions, it is easy to rot and deteriorate, producing a bad smell. It also has a direct impact on the dining environment, the overall positioning of the restaurant guests, and even the quality of business.
How is the restaurant kitchen garbage treated? The following section introduces the implementation plan for the source classification, reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of kitchen garbage:
Applicable to: places where kitchen garbage is concentrated in government agencies, schools, enterprise canteens, communities and catering institutions of different sizes.
Function: It can reduce the amount of food garbage at the source in an economic, convenient and fast way, with a reduction rate of more than 80%. It can also separate water, oil, food garbage and other garbage from food garbage, with low direct treatment cost. So as to realize the source garbage classification, and provide a guarantee for the subsequent recycling.
Advantages: convenient operation, safety, no garbage and low treatment cost.
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