Analysis on compression technology of garbage disposal equipment

In garbage disposal equipment, there is a very important thing -- compressor. Its main function is to transmit power to provide compression force. What are its compression technologies?
1. Relay compression technology
Three relay oil cylinders installed in parallel are adopted for the garbage disposal equipment, which greatly reduces the height of the equipment, meets the requirements for multi-function (building public toilets) of the garbage station, and can realize automatic switching between high and low pressure and low speed and high speed. The hydraulic transmission uses the first out sequence control technology, and the three oil cylinders use the same oil port for control.
2. Ball joint connection technology
Ball hinges are used to connect the pressure head and the compression cylinder. The pressure head and the cylinder can be deflected at will. If the garbage is compressed unevenly, the compression cylinder will not be biased, thus reducing the possibility of oil leakage from the compression cylinder.
3. Floating slider guiding technology
The pressure head, garbage bin and column door are guided by adjustable slider, which has the advantages of large force bearing area, convenient adjustment, self lubrication device and good maintainability.

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